Dynamische Schablone Brüssel

The Dynamic Template exists merely as a potential for something else.

Their derivation must occur from the individual space of the obvious facts. 

In its potential, figures are created with openness toward a new determinant. 

An inner shift of at least two stable states of experience forms part of its properties.

Suse Weber


Dynamic Template – 3:40:35

04.10. 2017- 07.01.2018

part of the exhibition: Something Stronger Then Me*, Wiels Brussels

All of us have handled templates before. But often the template remains invisible as a tool. Suse Weber now draws attention to the template. She develops what she calls figures of shift with which all partners work as  choreuts on a new rotation on the triangle relationship artist – work – audience (Emblematic Sculpture *).

The trigger for the first Dynamic Template was the 2015 discovery of a theatrical ruin in Prague (Spirala-Theatre). Suse Weber, together with other artists, developed fictive formats for this ruin. In 2016, the first activations took place in Prague (at Polansky Gallery and the National Gallery). In this way, in 2017, script explosions were used in the first shift as a new template in Leipzig (GfZK). Within two days and with the participation of 20 choreuts, the scripts were translated into several hours of constant performance in a new Dynamic Template: 3:40:35.

Dynamic Template  – 3:40:35 

Performer Dance: Hana Polanská Turečková (CZ), Nora Frohmann (D), Clemens Fellmann (D), Marie Chiotti (FR), Fiona Mackay (SCO) , Anna Voswinckel (D), Denisa Švachová (CZ), Anna Jirmanová (CZ), Markéta Pščolková (CZ), Eva Färber (D), Ramon Dallas Hofman (CZ), Tsiouma Marylu (EL), Astrid Rostaing (D), Matthias Peter (D), Katerina Szymanská (CZ), Marc Lagies (D), Performer Music: LOTUS DUO BERLIN (Hoa Trần & Hùng Lê), Camera/ Photography: Barbara Proschak, Cut: Anna Fiedler